A True Coffee Shop

I was wondering if there is a true coffee shop anywhere? Starbucks isnt really a coffee shop, they sell fancy drinks that have coffee in them and some cream on top. I want a shop that sells different types of coffee. I love the rich bold taste of dark roasts and the soft smooth flavor of Columbia coffe. I don't like flavored coffee, that isn't real coffee to me.

I went out and bought a keurig coffee maker and love it! All the different types of great coffee, I was wondering why hasn't anyone opened a real coffee shop. Where we can go in and they might have over 100 different types of coffee.......then you can add your own crap yourself. I drink my coffee black, the way it was made and meant to be in the first place. The pure flavor of the coffee bean that it was made from.

Maybe someone could get a deal with keurig to supply tons of coffee to the shop. If I had enough money, I would open up my own shop. There are so many people that love coffee the way it was meant to be without all the flavor and foam. Someone make this shop!!
porterhousesteak porterhousesteak
22-25, M
Sep 25, 2012