I love coffee,hot or iced. My grandmother started me drinking coffee milk when I was little. As I got older I backed off the milk. On my first full time job out of college, a time that I also started drinking I started drinking coffee big time. When I quit drinking, I had only been drinking for two years; but it would have been easy to have become a binge drinker. Iwas working a job that hads me working LONG hours. There were times I would work 18+ hour days 4 - 5 in a row. I lived off of coffee Worked 7AM on Friday until 8 AM Sunday. Drank so much coffee, that I coulod not close my eyes when I at last got to bed. Still love my coffee, when I can get it I drink Community, a local brand from New Orleans, very dark roast very strong. I recomend it to any serious coffee drinker, it can be gotten on line.
sfrancisk sfrancisk
61-65, M
Sep 25, 2012