I Guess It's Possible I Have A Slight Attachment

I’m a slave to a pot, indentured to a brown bean. Forever enthralled by that rich aroma, entranced by that bitter slash. I’m a junkie scrambling for a fix, an obsessed suitor stalking his one true love. I trust no one who does not partake, but I refuse to share my stash.

Good the last drop? Damn straight.
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6 Responses Nov 19, 2012

I tremble in anticipation as I read this...oh dear.....I, too, partake, and although I am quite sure I am not it's slave, I have been told that without my daily infusion, at regular intervals, I am utterly lost..... :-)

Those who believe they are free are often the most securely enslaved. Now be a dear and pour us both a cup.

Perfect...on so many levels... :-)

A fresh cup is always to be had here....latte? espresso? americano? cream? sugar in the raw? What would be your pleasure?

Americano, two sugars, and splash of cream. Call me a barbarian, but I like my coffee as I prefer my women... Hot, just a bit sweet, and blonde. The last may be negotiable, just not for the java.

Nothing barbarous about having preferences.....:-)

I have taken note, and shall be ready for when next we visit. For now, I must bid good evening.....time for that sweet slumber.....tomorrow promises to be challenging.

Can't a man enjoy a cup of coffee in peace?!?!

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This made me smile... I am also bound to a steaming mug of the stuff... =)

All day, every day...

I'm admittedly ready for rehab...but holding out for my next fix. *laugh* Witty and spot on. Thanks for the laugh. :)

I like it. Very nice.