I Guess It's Possible I Have A Slight Attachment

I’m a slave to a pot, indentured to a brown bean. Forever enthralled by that rich aroma, entranced by that bitter slash. I’m a junkie scrambling for a fix, an obsessed suitor stalking his one true love. I trust no one who does not partake, but I refuse to share my stash.

Good the last drop? Damn straight.
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I tremble in anticipation as I read this...oh dear.....I, too, partake, and although I am quite sure I am not it's slave, I have been told that without my daily infusion, at regular intervals, I am utterly lost..... :-)

Those who believe they are free are often the most securely enslaved. Now be a dear and pour us both a cup.

Perfect...on so many levels... :-)

A fresh cup is always to be had here....latte? espresso? americano? cream? sugar in the raw? What would be your pleasure?

Americano, two sugars, and splash of cream. Call me a barbarian, but I like my coffee as I prefer my women... Hot, just a bit sweet, and blonde. The last may be negotiable, just not for the java.

Nothing barbarous about having preferences.....:-)

I have taken note, and shall be ready for when next we visit. For now, I must bid good evening.....time for that sweet slumber.....tomorrow promises to be challenging.

May be negotiable?

Lol. I had the same thought, H. So disappointing and cliché that the gentleman prefers blondes. *sigh*

I was trying to temper my disappointment with the use of few words, but I do fine that it is quite "cliche", lol. A boyfriend once asked me if I would dye my hair blonde, he was not my boyfriend for much longer. I love my dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Right there with you although I always wanted green or blue eyes. My grandmother had blue eyes with jet black hair. She was stunning. (Sorry, DinahMoeHumm, for hijacking your post. We don't bite, promise, unless you want us to...) :)

We do have a tendency to "hijack" people's posts don't we? lol. I suppose it should be added to our "warning signs" .... along with the biting thing, including the fact that if you do want it we are very "good" at it ;-)

Anyways ... haha ... My mother has blue eyes and hair just as dark as mine, it is quite a beautiful combination. I have always just found brown eyes to be warmer, more expressive. Apparently the men of EP agree, as it is one of the things I am most often complimented on.

Lucky girl. I'm typically complimented on other assets, ;) although there is one man in particular who loves my eyes, so that's nice. Well, two men including my husband, lol.

*giggles* ... You my dear queen have many assets worth complimenting. ;-)

That had me laughing out loud, dear one. Thanks for that. ;)

Welcome! Anytime!

Can't a man enjoy a cup of coffee in peace?!?!

Not when he referred to said cup of coffee in the open forum that is EP - which he should know is rife with many perils and brunettes.

Very true, H. :)
Yes, OW, I'll leave you to your coffee, blondes and peace... ;)

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gotta have it... :)

This made me smile... I am also bound to a steaming mug of the stuff... =)

All day, every day...

I'm more of a tea girl, but I do enjoy coffee every once in a while. :)

I'm admittedly ready for rehab...but holding out for my next fix. *laugh* Witty and spot on. Thanks for the laugh. :)

I like it. Very nice.


Holy Hannah, I need to print this out and give it to my husband. It is possibly the most accurate description of his addiction I've ever read! Well done!

Glad you enjoyed. I think anyone who truly loves the java can relate.