I Am A Keurig Fan

I am a coffee drinker who needs her coffee. A few years ago, when I first became aware of the Keurig coffee machines, I thought that it seemed like it was going to be just a fad and that true coffee lovers would never give up their drip style coffee makers. Well, I guess I was wrong. I broke down and spent the megabucks. This is the best thing ever! No more buying bags of coffee that taste kind of stale toward the bottom of the bag, no more having to wash the coffee maker every time you use it. no more wasting coffee because it doesn't taste fresh after it has been kept warm for an hour or so. With my Keurig, when I want a fresh cup of coffee, that is exactly what I get every time. Once you find your favorite K-cup, you are all set. You insert the K-cup, push the brew button, and in about one minute you have a fresh cup of coffee; It's a miracle!!!
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How long does a K-cup last in storage and still taste fresh when brewed?

How accurate is that date? Diet Coke doesn't even make it to its date, other products are good long past their printed dates.

The wonders of modern technology! lol

I'm not sure what you mean by re-usable filters. Are you referring to something that you use in a drip coffee maker? If so, you don't need a filter with the Keurig. The only thing that you have to remove from the Keurig after you make a cup of coffee is the little used k-cup and you are ready for your next cup. No messy clean up. This an entirely different way of making coffee. Why don't you go to Keurig.com.
There is probably a lot of info there.

You should probably find a way to at least see a demonstration, because some of them are pretty expensive. There a lot of different models and colors.

I even bought a second one so that I wouldn't have to be without my coffee if something should go wrong with this one. What is your favirte k-cup? Mine is Starbuck 71 Pike Place.

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you have a Keurig? I have two cups a day. One with breakfast and one after my evening meal.

Well maybe not a miracle but very cool indeed.

yes,, I have tried it