Coffee's Little Trip In My Daily-life

Addicted to Coffee!
On daily basis I start my day with Roasted coffee (Nescafe Gold-Blend) or when I could afford it, an Americano at Costa-Coffee..

At night, when I feel like hanging out downtown Cairo -where I live and where Tahrir Sq.- I visit my regular national/local very old Egyptian-Turkish designed coffee houses and have my favorite extra-sugary Turkish-coffee. Bad idea though since it is really strong and will keep you up at night! :)

sirscorpius sirscorpius
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I'm surprised it still keeps you up at night if you drink that much coffee. I drink coffee all day right up to going to bed most nights. : )

haha! have you tried Turkish coffee? LOL

I used to drink coffee (anything but turkish) before going to bed to not so long ago and i sleep like a baby. until i got this 40 days long insomnia. then i had to stop Caffeine drinks for a while and switched to hot milk or Minted-green-tea :)
I love coffee's taste :D out of 10 hot drinks per day, at least 7 are coffee XD

No i cant say that I have. Money is tight right now so idrink whatever i can afford. Usually that means one of the big three basic coffees in the U.S. (maxwell house, folgers, or chock full o nuts.). I drink at least as much coffee as you maybe a little bit more. Though it sounds like you get the bigger dose of caffeine.

I think so yes hehe
Turkish-coffee here is a national-drink and very cheap around 25-50 cents a cup served in cafes. less than $1 a pack.
the others are not though, since they are imported are expensive in here.
I can afford the Nescafe (maxwell equivalent i guess) but not costa.