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Coffee Is Like A Lady's Bra.... offers much comfort and support is uplifting, and gives a much needed boost! harbors a lot of "bounce to the ounce"

...It contains something very special to behold! gets one "wired" beneath the surface

...One cup is usually never enough!

And most of all...

...when it is missing, the effects are obvious!

Thank you coffee, for plenty of "perky" goodness in every "cup"!   ;-)
ambroseguy80 ambroseguy80 46-50, M 73 Responses Jan 3, 2013

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You have such a creative flair to your writings, my friend. This made me laugh, thank you for that... I needed the giggle tonight. :)

I am so glad you got a caffeine rush out of it! ;-)

This is one story of mine that never seems to lose it's enamor.

In my country it is said bras work like Government...pressing on the ones inside to make them easy to be looked at by the ones outside...of course it is much more easy to understand in my means a lot about how Government Works...

Lol sounds very true!

I always knew you were a connoisseur of the "cup" 😀

That is amazingly brilliant. I am a nurse and blood type is coffee. Lol

Lol. Thank you. Glad it struck a chord.

Ohhhhh...that's a good one!!! How you think of those words, I don't know but they always make me laugh.. ;)

That's a good thing! They were meant to elicit a humorous result. ;-) You might wanna go get another pair of panties now... just kidding! ;-)

I already did! ;)

*****gasps***** ;-)

...can't help it.... ;)

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That is a creative post! :) Well thought out, as always.

Thank you, my 'drug of choice'. ;)

I always liked this idea for the name, see, always creative lol

I'm addicted to ya baby! ;-)

Now that explains my addiction to that "perky goodness"! LOL

You mean in like the year I have known you that is the first time you've seen that story? Amazing... lol

Hey..ya wrote another coffee one didn't you?

Not in this group... I think I made up a sniglet, Coffeegasm

LOL...I do love coffegasms...

I love anygasms.... lol

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I LOVE coffee and boobs. ;-)

FINALLY somebody who understands me!!!! lol

Hey at least it didn't take a year! ;-)

Hmmm...and I thought you love tea ;)

No I am always thinking of the ladies... ;-)

We always need a double cuppa

What's your cup size?

Double F. A jug btw.

Wait a tick, is that woman's bra in the picture made of bacon slices??

Yes beautiful bacon rack wouldn't you say? ;)

Yup, nothing better then some bacon with your coffee in the morning! ;-P

Totally agree

HaHa, very creative Amby.
So, you like bacon w/your coffee?? ;D

LMAO well I would never turn my bacon down while sipping! ;-)


Is that a bacon bra??

Indeed it is! Have you ever tried one? ;-)

No, but I bet you would like to try it?

Perhaps I just might yet learn to fry up bacon using that rack! ;-)

So that's where you get your perkiness from lol?

Yes, my cups are never decaffeinated! LOL

I love this! Makes me wish I could drink coffee. :)

Thank you Bell...

You poor dear! Why can't you drink coffee? Thank you.....

Makes me terribly sick so I drink tea instead. :)

Ok fair enough. ;)

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I worship at the altar of the goddess Caffeina.

Thanks CWS... I will join you in praises.

Welcome! We could start our own cult. lol

How about a support group? Caffeinanonymous!

Poseybloom, would you care to be the priestess of our cult? Cult leaders get mega benefits. How about it?

I think Posey is perky enough to get it done! She could be the High Beaness!

Our future caffeine rushes are in your hands, Posey!!! ;-)

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LOLOL. This is great!

Thanks SLA!

Anytime. What are coffee drinking guys

The brotherhood of the Caffeine

Hahaha...i like that.

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That is hilarious! True too

Thanks Jenna! :-)

Sometimes my coffee is stronger and supports me better! LOL

LOL! Love it.... Maybe I should take a poll of the ladies and see which provides more support?

The coffee will probably win! LOL

Yes, I haven't heard too many women talk as affectionately of their bras as I have made it out to be! ;-)

I'm starting to think today's bras are made for the men (visual pleasure) instead of for the woman (maintenance tool. lol)!

Ahhh! Visual pleasure...?? Lol. Yes, anytime I can see a Sexy lady in her Bra is a Good day...

More likely than not! And they sell women on the sexiness of underwear instead of it's practicality anyway....

Thong undies are proof of that!

Ewwww, I mean ohhhh yeah! ;-)

LOL. YOu exactly proved my point!

I can't imagine that thing being comfortable through there....

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omg! you are sooo right

Thank you, I try! ;-)

This is a great story!!! lol

Very clever!

Thank you!!! You seem to enjoy your cups full! ;-)

Haha, very much so. Consider adding me?

Well, since your username is one of my favorite pastimes... ;-)

Very nice. But that bra doesn't look that comfortable . . . I guess that's a different post :-)

Yes, I think that has to be some other group, like the I love Bacon group....


Why thank you!!! :-)

Haha. I get it :D And actually, I almost didn't even need the picture, lol.

Almost didn't.... But then that guy friend of yours (you know, the one from your coffee story?) might be reading my story, and needs a picture drawn, no? ;-)

I rarely drink coffee. I don't like it. French vanilla or an espresso at times. I like oxygen. And living. How much of this hot stuff do you drink daily? I am curious....Do you like yours flavoured? A lot of sugar...:)

I drink about three of the tiny cup markings on the coffee pot, which to my experience translates to a cuop and a half a day.... Lately I've been drinking plain cream and sugar, but have been guilty of flavored creams.....

Then I am curious...What kind of coffee is like a braless woman? I wish to know...:)

More than likely a Sumatran blend of some sort...... ;-)

LOL I love it!!!

Thank you!!! I was definitely "inspired" that day. lol

No be able to come up with that you had to be inspired!

Thanks!!! I don't even remember what started the creative juices flowing on that analogy, but I ran with it! ;-)

Uplifting post! Made me :)

Hey that's twice in one night! ;-)

I saw what you did there! Uplifting post, indeed! Hehe! :)

Coffee is great... but nobody needs more than two cups.

That's about how much I drink, some days it's tea. : )

Two cups of coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon :)

Just what a woman needs to uplifting, hahaha! Thanx 4 sharing. : )

Sip away, ceywat! ;-)

Yes I was just having my favorite coffee. It's whole beans you grind yourself made of Kahula Almond Fudge, vanilla and chocolate, yum yum! May I pour you a cup? : )

Please do! Would that be a traditional cup, or a bra cup? ;-)

Hahaha, any way ya want it! : )

Fill it up, DD cup. ;)

Oh sorry, I only have a D cup.

You know, D's would be perfect! Thank you!

: )

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