Pressed Coffee

I received a coffee press for Christmas. I just tried my first couple of cups of coffee this way. I compared a cup of pressed coffee to drip coffee, both made with same beans, similar strength, and both with just a little sugar added. The pressed coffee had much more complex flavor, and more of a rich fruity/coffee sense. The pressed coffee seems to use more coffee for the same amount of coffee, but it does taste much better. I also compared to an espresso cup I made with the same coffee. In this case, the two tasted much more similar. The espresso machine was my previous favorite method, but now I'm not sure. Both the espresso machine and the coffee press make great coffee. More experimentation to come.

What is your favorite way to make coffee?
tomkojohn tomkojohn
51-55, M
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Love my press.