I Love It But....

I love coffee. I love the smell when it's brewing.  But, one thing just ****** me off so bad.

I haven't found one single automatic drip brewer that had a caraffe that didn't dribble all over the place when pouring.  It makes me crazy that I have to clean up when pouring every single GDMF cup.

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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I just got a mr coffee with a great carafe. I paid 65.00 for it but well worth it

My friend, you need to try Cuisinart Grind and Brew, with stainless steel caraffe, it has a very nicely formed pouring area!!! I have never had a problem with dribbling, (at least not with my coffee caraffe)!!!!! :)

Yes, that is me for sure, but I have fun!!!!! :)

I hate that also and I have tried many coffemakers and they are all the same.