I Love Coffee Dark And Sensual As The Night

I love coffee dark and sensual as the night
I make one cup at a time using a ceramic coffee dripper
The beans are ground fine to ensure maximum penetration
The water is steaming hot to entice the oils
The filter is primed to the dripper to maximize the exposure
The very hot water is slowly pour in with the coffee
The steaming hot water lures the oils of the coffee out for a dance
The slow sensual dance creates an enticing aroma
The nectar of the dance comes with great anticipation
The last hot drip brings sensual arousal
The result is mine
The flavor of the first taste explodes in my mouth
The sensation is hot and comforting, simple yet erotic
The physiological effects create a warm pleasure
I feel alive and comfortable
Enjoying the pleasure of each sensual dark drop of the exotic liquid
I love coffee dark and sensual as the night

Stonebar Stonebar
46-50, M
Jan 13, 2013