My Love Affair

My love affair with coffee began at a very early age. I would wake up early and sit with my dad while he drank his cup of coffee. It had to be black, no sugar, no cream. Sometimes he would dunk a cookie in his coffee and he would hand me one and let me dunk it too. That was my first taste of coffee, dripping from a gingersnap.

I remember my dad would make fun of my mom for adding sugar and cream to her coffee, that wasn't real coffee, real coffee could only be drank black. I so wanted to please my dad so when I was around 12 I started asking for coffee, black of course. That was our time together, sitting at the table drinking our coffee.

I don't see my dad very often but this summer we are planning a camping trip together. One of the things that I am looking forward to the most is brewing a pot of coffee over the campfire and sitting together to enjoy a steaming cup of black coffee.
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That is a really awesome story!