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I Guess I Can Live Without It...

I have been making changes in my life. My diet is one of them. I would drink so many cups of coffee with cream and sugar in a day. So when I started my new diet for the month I realized that the coffee cream sugar habit had to stop. Well I put the coffee maker away out of the kitchen where i can't see it. I stacked boxes of tea in its place. And I'm just fine. Although I do look forward to the end of my strict month of diet changes so I can atleast have one small cup of coffee in the morning. Because I like it.
Temprence Temprence 36-40, F 6 Responses Jan 22, 2013

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Hi I was reading some articles about coffee and found that it was actually good for you. Then, the big surprise was that Dr Oz was promoting it too. It's what you put in it that gets you. I'm a type 2 diabetic so I stay away from that stuff anyway. I believe that if you got to put all that stuff in it, you shouldn't drink it anyway. I use it for a stimulant to get me going. Remember that I have a sleep disorder. So any type of caffeine is my friend. I need to be careful to not get the shakes, It's hard to tell if my sugar is low or if I have had to much coffee or meds. I received a kurig for Christmas. I kept telling every one I didn't want one. I got it any way! I just hate wanting while the machine brews. And the k-cups are expensive. They are nice, but they are like disposable diapers! They just take up space in the landfill, like forever. Good luck on your diet. LOL being diebetic is like being on a diet forever.

They sell reusable eco friendly Kcups you can put your own coffee in it and save money too :)

LOL I just made a comment about just a few min. ago!

YA! I bought one first thing after New Years. It's ok. I find it a bit of a pain in the ***. My Ideal coffee maker is one thats programable with a twelve cup capacity. I also grind my own beans too. So it would be cool to set the machine up to kick off about 6 am, grind the beans and brew a pot. Then shut ofr about 10 am. Ya, sounds like.Im spoiled. Maybe? But I just don't like fragmenting my time when I'm busy. After making a pot all I want to do is pour. When the pot is empty thats it no more! I used to work night shift as a supervisor manager in a mainframe computer room. Many times I was forced to.drink coffee left over from day shift. It was so bad, old, that a spoon would almost stand up. So now, I like the best coffee I can get, and don't want to.spend a lot of time brewing it.

Ya when it comes to coffee, I am spoiled

How in the world are you going without coffee? I say that with all the respect in the world cause I would love to go on a diet and include my coffee but I'm afraid I would get migraines lol...

I caught someone on my jobsite this morning putting sugar in with the coffee grounds before brewing. Sadly, being low man on the totem pole I couldn't say much other than comment about how he had just ruined a whole pot for everybody who doesn't take sugar in theirs.

I have given up several vices but caffine won't be leaving any time soon.

Say what! Now what would happen if you had someone who was diabetic?

I've seen a sprinkle of salt being added to the unbrewed grounds before putting the pot on, the theory being that it reduces the bitterness. Never heard of anyone adding sugar at that stage, though. That's messed up.

Black or black - unless you've got black.

Am I clear? =)

Love my morning espresso. No sugar, no milk, just straight-up.

That is actually a good alternative for me. I like expresso. I've drank it black with sugar. So I might like it black too.

Why couldn't you just drink the coffee black?

I do not like black coffee. And for the next 2 weeks I can only drink water, unsweetened herbal or fruit tea and unsweetened fruit juice.

ok...I understand. My coffee must be strong and black. The spoon should stand up on its own if you put a spoon in


goliath, your assessment method was employed by the old Finlander who made coffee every morning at work - made me smile. That first sip of his brew compared to what I'd brewed at home was my eye-opener - and I came to look forward to it each day ... no matter how hard I'd shudder.

hlp, lol....I call any coffee other than my own, "Danish Tea." When people drink my coffee they usually take 1/2 cup and fill the rest with water.....One guy asked me if I chewed coffee grounds instead of tobacco.

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