I Guess I Can Live Without It...

I have been making changes in my life. My diet is one of them. I would drink so many cups of coffee with cream and sugar in a day. So when I started my new diet for the month I realized that the coffee cream sugar habit had to stop. Well I put the coffee maker away out of the kitchen where i can't see it. I stacked boxes of tea in its place. And I'm just fine. Although I do look forward to the end of my strict month of diet changes so I can atleast have one small cup of coffee in the morning. Because I like it.
Temprence Temprence
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I caught someone on my jobsite this morning putting sugar in with the coffee grounds before brewing. Sadly, being low man on the totem pole I couldn't say much other than comment about how he had just ruined a whole pot for everybody who doesn't take sugar in theirs.

I have given up several vices but caffine won't be leaving any time soon.

Say what! Now what would happen if you had someone who was diabetic?

I've seen a sprinkle of salt being added to the unbrewed grounds before putting the pot on, the theory being that it reduces the bitterness. Never heard of anyone adding sugar at that stage, though. That's messed up.

Black or black - unless you've got black.

Am I clear? =)

Love my morning espresso. No sugar, no milk, just straight-up.

That is actually a good alternative for me. I like expresso. I've drank it black with sugar. So I might like it black too.