Just Latte

This is gonna sound pretty weird considering my username. I agree with the first entry. I absolutely must have my Pepsi. If I don't, believe it or not, I go through very acute withdrawal symptoms. Ah well, it's not smoking or drugs at least. :) Coffee, on the other hand, boggles my mind...why do so many people have it every day? I find it...a big question mark. The only think I find even more unnecessary is tea. Latte is OK though. I mean for when you're dying for a hot drink that's not too sweet... Latte cuts it pretty good.
I love custard, and I wanted a short word beginning in "C" as well before it: coffeecustard. :)
coffeecustard coffeecustard
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1 Response Jun 5, 2007

A 'latte' is technically 'milk' in Italian. So yoiu're still on par with not really caring for coffee.<br />
<br />
But for some reason, everyone I live near has to eat and drink everything in containers larger than their heads. So what do I know?