Coffee Is My Pleasure

 I love to awaken in the morning to the aroma of freshly perked coffee. Who ever invented the coffee maker with the automatic setting was a genius. No waiting for that first cup. The gurgling sounds give me a warm and lively feeling. I float from my bed to the kitchen and pour the heavenly liquid into my own personal mug. I add just a touch of cream. Such a comforting way to greet the day. I sit on my tiny veranda, as the sun comes up. A different beautiful scene everyday, accompanied by sounds of the rising crescendo of birds. All of my senses come alive for the day, during those few moments of solitude.

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Wow you tell that like a poet. I like how you say you float into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Ha ha Like the smell of the coffee and the bubling sound of the coffee maker has transfigured you into a ghostly angelic figure luring out for a cup. <br />
ha ha <br />
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that is cool. I used to Love coffee the way you do. But I developed an issue with my stomach and now it aggravates my stomach. So i gave it up and dont have it anymore. Now I drink Tea. Like green tea or peppermint teas and i am now actually starting to like the tea better then the coffee. <br />
But I can fully understand your love for coffee I was that way for several years and really enjoyed it.

Taking too much coffee isnt good for your health, it makes u looks more slim than you are and u might not even sleep at all.<br />
Its made up of cafeein, and too much of it is not good for the body.

Me too!!!!


That's a wonderful experience! I have a grinder and I usually brew in a drip coffee maker. My favorite place to drink coffee is on the patio overlooking the lake...preferably in the spring or favorite times of year.

You like coffee that much? lol I mean there is a time and a place for coffwee and another time for that lol

the first drink of the day is better than an ******

There is something magical about the bubbly sound of the coffee machine in the mornings. Can't get through the day without my coffee. Don't need the balcony just the stool at the breakfast bar watching the rain from the window is enough for me.

Ahh yes. The elixer of life!

having my second cup of joe as I write =o)

After read your wonderful words,i feel the whole life is getting better and worthy at this moment.i also a coffee fan thank you for you share

Your description of coffee makes me feel like having coffee. I was never very fond of coffee but I live in a place where coffee shops is relatively a new trend and I find them the best place to catch up with friends and talk for hours (only when they are not very crowded!!).

I have been a coffee drinker since I was 14 or 15, there is nothing like waking up to the smells of morning and coffee is the best one when one eye opens. I loved Dutchess quote about coffee, sounded like a Maxwel house commercial lol I also have had coffee that was so bad that one would have swarn it was filtered through a jock strap. The best coffee is my own, nothing comes close to it and I have a mug the size of a soup bowl lol. I enjoyed reading the postings on this subject

Your description of your morning is absolutely wonderful! The birds, the coffee, the floating . . . although, personally, I do prefer a nice old-fashioned french press - it just tastes better to me, somehow. Anyways, keep up the wonderful words, darling! <br />
Happy sipping, <br />

Hey....I use the instant also.....get way to have that first cup.....while the beans are getting ready.....<br />
<br />
I discovered a great new creamer.....It is vanilla spiced rum...great taste....and the best part of it can drink it in the car.....and not get arrested

i dont know i have instant coffee and feel great. it tastes so good in the morning especially on the weekends while i read the paper or listen to music. Maybe im missing something with the coffee maker, but i think the first one in the morning always tastes the best.

this is soooo true....My true favorite is opening a new bag of coffewe beans....and grinding them....MMMMM the is truely heavenly......

I like the process of making the coffee it cools the mind for the day ahead.

It is great for work also.....But they do see the small drip makers that make only one or two cups.....also here in the states they have those new machines that make one at a time....also have the pods for tea....and hot chocolate....That is the one that I want....But it cost way too much for me at the time....Maybe Santa will think that I have been a real good girl this year....And leave me one nder the tree....Guess I need to mae sure to bake some real great cokies this year....Hmmmm Let see....<br />
<br />
I saw mama kissing santa clause......hmmmm...hummmm.hummmm

:) Thank you for saying that, I think of myself as a hooligan all the time! My relatives are... not quite the grandest of people, so no help there, sadly... I only crave coffee occasionally, that's why instant coffee works relatively well for me. Once I move out and live alone again I'll give it more serious thought. I must say though, the thought of being personally tutored by you and underconstruction sounds too good to be true! Thank you for sharing your wonderful way with words. Oh, and I love your avatar by the way :)

Ah, a coffee clatch, how lovely! : ) I would never consider you, dear HoneyPie to be a hooligan. I must agree whole heartedly with underconstruction, as I too love to inspire and induct young apprentices in coffee matters as well and other topics. Instant coffee is just a dreadful thought. There are many coffee machines that are quite inexpensive. The simplest being melita. Do you have a relative that may have an older model perculator? As this would also brew quite nicely. I humbly Thank You Honey Pie for complimenting my pen. Sweet words are always appreciated.

Someone say freash coffee.....can I have some

What a perfect image! I'd be like the six million dollar man. Doing things in slow motion, with my coffee in hand... What would I do without you, UC? :D By the way DuchessofDevonshire2, I apologise for us hooligans hijacking your story like this! It was supposed to be about you, not me! Oh, and you write beautifully, by the way :)

Haha! So, I should try to pursuade someone to buy me a coffee maker, because it will make me a better person? Now there's a thought... Hmm... I wonder if I could try for an ice cream maker...

Oh, that sounds idyllic! What a wonderful way to start the day. Please though, spare a thought for us poor fools who have to get by on that horrible instant stuff... I always wake up feeling like death, I wonder if getting a coffee maker would change that...