There Is Nothing Like a Coffee...

There is nothing like a coffee date with someone your in to
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8 Responses Jan 9, 2007

Coffee is me favorite drink

A day without coffee is like a day without breathing.

I have been spending too much money on coffee lately. My friend sent me this link after she actually won a Starbucks gift card. All you have to do is enter your email:<br />

I agree!! Nothing like caffeine to fuel good conversation.

so true i just had one recently mocha's my fav!!

It is better for your health by taking little amount of coffee.

i realyyy like coffee, to the point that i am practicly addicted :P with milk, without, sweet, latte, expresso whatever i realy love the stuf,<br />
ha i used to bring a bag of coffee beans with me to school, and i would be chewing away on them and making the class room smell of fresh coffee beans... i love the stuf.

I like dark roast coffee, sweetened with a little sweet and low to taste and thats all. Most resturants serve week flavorless coffee in little cups not mugs, a waste of money and coffee beans. What do you think?