Urgghhhh I H8 the Stuff the Sm...

urgghhhh i h8 the stuff the smell is vile and the taste is even worse!!! now if it was about redbull then that is a different story i love that!
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So maybe u should find a red bull group?

What the gypsies?


...If you hate it so much, why post it in a group that clearly states "I love coffee"? I respect your opinion, of course, don't get me wrong, but don't you think it best if you were to post this in a group that hates coffee? :<

I love the aroma of coffee, but I have to be cautious if its concentrated... ill get an allergy att. or head ack from the smell

:O I'm genuinely SHOCKED! Coffee has a beautiful aromatic smell and the taste is just divine if you get a nice coffee. But each to their own, I suppose. I've never even tasted red bull!

yea red bull is a genrational drink............. when i was in my 20s all we had were soft drinks and coffee / tea, juice

yea i was hooked at a way young age so ive been making the same mix forever i shall never change

maybe in time u will grow to like coffee i was in my late 20s before i got hooked

i love the smell and the taste.... well i could care less ...

I always liked the smell but I didn't like the taste until I was in my mid-twenties. Then my taste for it changed, not sure why. I still can't stand the taste of wine. Don't think that will ever change.

i got hooked on coffee 20 years ago when refills were free........ those darn free refills did it lol