Coffee Snob

I love coffee so much I remember my first taste of coffee as a kid I was 8. Well I thought it was drinking chocolate in the tin so I put in my spoon to have some ewh yuk. It was not chocolate I thought there was something wrong with it actually. I remember saying how it had gone off. Well now many years later I have to say I have grown into coffee. I am a huge addict. When I started working early mornings I didnt care what kind of coffee it was as long as it was coffee. Now I only drink fair trade organic free coffee. I even refuse to have a coffee unless it is that lol.My hubby cause me a snob, but something like this coffee I mean should only be drunk when it is the best. We are living in a world of choices so why not. i even have a favourite company I drink my coffee from. They are a small qld boutique place awesome coffee. I have my coffee either as a double shot latte' or I have an afghatto (not sure of spelling)

I am taking my time but I have to buy another coffee machine for home the last one I had just died after being out of warrantee always the way.

I am saving up now to get a decent machine and to drink my favourite coffee all the time and to save on money as well.

I love coffee art as well easy to do and fun comming up with things.


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1 Response Dec 31, 2008

when you find the right coffee <br />
<br />
Enjoy it<br />
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