Coffee, Half N Half and Sugar, That's Me

Coffee, half n half and sugar that's me. I used to love Dunkin Donut coffee but in the last year or so it seems to have gotten bitter. I've tried to tell the mgmt. they have to clean the pot and all the parts but they don't. I've always loved coffee. Pop would drink it by the gallons. If he couldn't get anything else he'd even drink Luzianne the fake coffee made from chickory that was introduced during the war. I love it hot and luke warm, not cold  Morning, noon and night. In fact I think I'll take a coffee break. How do you want yours??  

rickdogood rickdogood
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1 Response Aug 7, 2007

I tell you what, I get whole beans from Dunkin Donuts and grind them at home each day to make it myself in my coffee pot. IT IS THE BEST!!!!<br />
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2 heaping sugars for me, that'll do it. XD<br />
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Seems that DD's coffee itself has indeed changed a bit, though, if bought in-store. My favorite treat from there is an Iced Mocha many flippin' calories but so unbelievable.