I Grow Coffee

I love coffee so much that I actually grow my own. I have 4 manzanas (about 7 acres) of coffee plants at an altitude of 4200 feet in the central american mountains in the country where I live. I sell most of it to a lady in a nearby town who is a "cafelatera", which means she is a middleman to larger markets. She says that her coffee goes to europe (Germany and Spain). My coffee is medium bodied and my "home" coffee is roasted medium as well. One thing the ladies do here is to add some black pepper (not too much!!) to the ground coffee and the result is surprisingly excellent taste. I recommend buying Central American (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Coasta Rica) coffee as well. It suports a lot of the poor people with jobs.

elcornudofeliz elcornudofeliz
56-60, M
Mar 2, 2009