I swear, coffee is the best thing ever put on this planet, besides all the beautiful females <3
raynbow32 raynbow32
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Man I'm telling you, Coffee always makes me high and horny O.O don't tell this to anyone!!

Cuz no one else is gonna see this lol xS

*takes a deep breath and throws the phone into the lake* x_x

Drama queen. XD

Lol shhshh do you want me to shut your mouth huh!? *smirks*

-rolls eyes- im sooo scared xD

Lol darn girl xD you started it!

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gevalia chocolate.

Female made of coffee...

Oh my ****. Yes! I like the way u think . XD

The real solution is to soak her hair in coffee, smell that roast!

I think i found my new fetish. Mm ! XD

Black tea is tied with it for me

A close second for me! Aha.