Need More Coffee

If it were possible, I'm sure my blood would be coffee. You know, if blood could be any other substance but blood. I'd have coffee running through my veins.

Depsite what my friends often think, it's not JUST the caffeine that has me addicted to this stuff. It's the whole coffee experience. As long as I have one caffeinated a day I could drink the rest as decaf (though decaf is wrong) and still be content.

I love fair trade coffee especially. It's of better quality and it makes me feel good to know that the people who grow and harvest are being fairly compensated.

When I go out for coffee I prefer to go to one of the independant fair trade places. I'm also a sucker for Second Cup and Tim Horton's. I avoid Starbucks. It's evil. It's invaded Second Cup's turf and that's not cool. My favorite specialty coffee at Second Cup is medium caramel corretto. With whipped cream. At Tim's it's large single milk double sugar with a canadian maple donut.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

the blood in you coffee is high LOL