Coffee Shop Vignette

I love going to coffee shops.  I go each day to write and work on my books. I know it's not very original to say that coffee shops are some of the best places to watch people and be around community but they are.  Always, there are people stopping by for sustenance, warmth, conversation and comfort.

I hear police officers talking about a recent sting and then talking about their wives; business people making 'the deal' over coffee; women just done exercising talking about weight and health and husband's; a bent nearly in double old man being helped out the door by his cane on one side and by his wife lovingly holding up the other side murmuring to him; a new baby gurgling happily away in the corner; the post man coming in for a cup in the middle of his rounds and chatting with the baristas as only a regular can; a man with nearly useless legs discussing philosophy; construction workers talking about the recent layoffs; laughter - aways laughter, and Alanis Morisette on the Starbucks radio singing "You Learn."


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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

They are fantastic gathering places, for sure ...