Survival Coffee

Hi, my name is Scott and I am addicted to coffee.

I still remember my first cup of coffee. It was an early cold November morning. I was stationed in Georgia and going through boot camp. The sun was slowly coming over the hills and I was looking for something, anything to keep me warm after sleeping in the cold all night. The mess team had just delivered our breakfast. So, I stood in line for my first cup of Joe. It was so good, and so warm. I walked away from the shadows and into the sun, drinking my coffee. This is when I found my addiction.

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2 Responses Jan 25, 2010

Welcome Scott! As a coffee addict myself, I agree with WhenTheWallsFell, first step in this case is acknowledging that we have a problem, second step is to say "We Don't Care!" and third step is to get another cup of coffee. So when you get through with When's cup, come on over and I'll buy you a cuppa.

EXCELLENT story!!!! I love coffee also. But I also had a very early start. My parents used it in my bottle to teach me to walk lol.