What Is Coffee

To coin an old ad slogan, "the drink that picks you up and calms you down." accurately frames the perceived effects of drinking coffee. Some might include tea in a comparison to coffee as a beverage but to me that would be like comparing apples to oranges. Trying to find a substitute for coffee would be like trying to find a word that rhymes with orange. 

Coffee should be made with a press, not steeped more than eight minutes and then consumed shortly after being poured. Letting your cup of coffee sit around keeping you company only makes the coffee bored. If you don't drink the brew while the oils are fluid and the aroma still entices fantasies, then your cup of joe has past its prime and should be poured down the drain. To drink it any other way except black is heresy. 

Drinking your coffee using a cup and saucer, creme, a lump or two of sugar or any other additive is pretentious. A good hefty mug with a tapered lip is ideal. Sharing a moment, drinking coffee with a friend can add volumes to a flagging discussion. Treat coffee with the reverence it deserves and you will be that much closer to nirvana. 

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11 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I have to agree with you on not letting your coffee get bored and drinking coffee out of a cup and saucer, but I can drink it pretentiously like the best of yuppies in SoHo or I can sit down and drink it bold and black, soothing and reminiscant of a n evening amongst friends.. I don't have blood, I have coffee in my veins.

Opinions make the world go 'round sir!

Several years ago I was invited to take part in a coffee "Focus Group" sponsored by an overpriced national natural-foods store. There were about 15 of us in the group, all extremely knowledgeable about coffee in all its aspects. There were several different coffees for us to sample (all brewed in those awful industrial 25-cup urns, yecch) but not one of us sampled anything. The fact that the man running the focus group knew nothing about coffee became obvious when he inquired as to why no one had sampled anything, and I was the one to break it to him that you NEVER drink coffee from a *shudder* styrofoam cup! They had provided styrofoam cups for us to sample the various coffees. What were they thinking?! So their major finding from this particular group was "no styrofoam" lol. // (The highlight of the evening, for me, was being in a roomful of people who ALL knew what Ethiopian Yergacheffe was.) :)

i like coffee also,but im allergic to caffiene , i have de-caff but its not the same ,i even have decaff tea but thats ok,so when u all enjoy that lovely coffee think of me!!

Way back, when I was 12 years old I decided to drink my coffee black with lots of sugar and still pretty much do that 60 years later. But It is so often, no matter how I make it or buy it, it frequently is just a way of delivering caffeine. When my additives and the temperature and the coffee itself are just right I will exclaim out loud, "That's good coffee!"

Italian Cafe i.e. Espresso with some Anise yummy. <br />
Happy Birthday Aesgard.

Good write up!

wow, you've got coffee down to a science, I just buy it from Starbucks, and either grind it, use a regular coffee maker, and or already ground coffee, my only fancy likes are the flavored creamers but now, I see the light..lol...great story.

I drink coffee with cream and sugar, that's how I got my nickname, it's my Tigers MIlk!!! LOL!!!!

Hi Aesgard, I like the way you described how one ought to drink this beverage - coffee. The drink that one turns to in the morning! Over here, coffee was done in a particular way. I was wondering if it's the same where you live. Never mind instant coffee, that didn't come here until after the second world war, after being introduced by american soldiers here. Coffee beans were bought and crushed, and cooked in coffee pots. Together with the coffee, chequeira was added, if one wanted to. When coffee was poured in the cup, a bit of ground cloves were added. Then you can imagine the aroma coming out of the front doors of cooked coffee with cloves! Very tantalising. I often revert to this way of drinking coffee. My only difference is that I have to take it decaf.

wow... nobody else has made coffee seem so... umm... desirable. i must say, though, that drinking it black does not appeal to me right now, although i am starting to take away the cream and sugar and it still tastes good to me :)

Hi aesgard, mmmmmmmmmm coffee *drool*. I'm a coffeeholic (LOL).<br />
Mal :)