Coffee. The Elixir Of Life.

I've been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember.  Waking to the aroma of fresh brewed coffee in the morning while my mother fixed the family breakfast, is indeed one of my fondest memories.

Although, it was my father that fixed the coffee.  He fixed what was known as "cowboy coffee".  It was hot, strong and black.  As a child, I had to tone it down with some milk and sugar, but as I became older, those weren't needed.

Now, of a morning, I must have my coffee before I do anything.  It is not the need so much for an energy burst, as it is for the comfort of an old friend.  I drink from the same cup every morning.  A large mug that will hold three cups full.

I'm not so much of a connoiseur that I can tell you from what county or region a coffee comes from, but I can always know if it is something that is refreshing on my taste buds.

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Hello, WhentheWallsFell. I drink my coffe from the same mug each and every day. It is a nice ceramic mug that is not glazed on the inside and over the years has developed a rich patina. When I'm through drinking at the end of the day, I merely rinse the mug and let it dry. I would severely injure anyone who attempted to wash it.<br />
I'm not a beer lover and prefer a good single malt Scotch.<br />
Enjoy your coffee.

Hey times. I did catch the levity and I appreciate it. But, there is a generation that never new Ol' Jed.<br />
nor would they know what the term "black gold" or "Texas tea", even means.<br />
Those terms might now mean some new form of "designer drug".<br />
Enjoy a good cup of black gold. We both know what we're talking about.

The Texas tea and black gold was but a joke. I think that at 55 and being an American I may have some idea of what oil is. Sorry what seemed funny to me just passed you by. Maybe I am getting old. Anyway, we both enjoy whats good. Take care and enjoy life also.

Hello timesoftrouble. I thank you for your comment. Yes, coffee is important indeed. The aroma of from when it's brewing, whether sitting in ones home or around an early morning campfire is indeed a pleasurable experience.<br />
<br />
However I would like to point at that in Texas, "Texas Tea" and "black gold" is not coffee. It is OIL; crude oil, at that. And not every Texan has an oil well (or several) sitting in their backyards. I am one of those that does not.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the post on my story and that the correction was done in fun. Enjoy a wonderful cup of hot, fresh java.

I can hear you very well, very loud, and very clearly. Coffee, coffee and more coffee wherever and whenever if the mood for that fresh smell and hot taste may be needed. When camping ya gots to have it, when in some restaurant, ya gots to have it, and even when in Texas or in the Philippines, one still gots to have that good ole cup of texas tea, black gold. . .<br />
<br />
Well the first thing ya know old Jed's a millionaire. . .so the kin folks said. . . Jed move away from there. . .they said California is the place ye out to be, so they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly. . .hillbillies that is. . . hehehe yeah I gots dementia. . . cheers!!! and bottoms up too that good stuff!!