I Love Coffee

i luve how it wakes me up and just makes everything look better, but lately the lattes that ive been drinking from starbucks are getting me sleepy. i dont know if its because of too much caffeine any ways i love coffee. i think im gonna get a latte right now. or maybe a redbull. i dunno redbull makes me pee alot. i just want to feel awake. coffee does it for me but i think lately its been having a different affect on me. i feel betrayed by my once best friend. hehe. oh i know im gonna exercise for 5 minutes on the cardio machine then im gonna reward myself with a latte. yes good idea. ok. or maybe a frappuccino. hmmmmmmmmmmmm?  what ever i'll think about it. cardio machine here i come. 

veronica4ever veronica4ever
26-30, F
Feb 25, 2010