Is how I feel when I have a few cups of steaming hot java in the morning...Dark Coffee, 2 sugers, some cream...Aahh...a little gulp of heaven.  No need to ask me at the coffee shop of cafe what I want or the age old question, "Do you want caffine or decaffinated?"  Huh?  Caffinated is all I know.  I am not a flavor coffee type of gal...the most I do is a health toffee latte caffinated with whipped topping of course plenty of toffee on top...oh please don't forget the drizzle of chocolate and shavings!!  I feel so serene mornings drinking coffee by the cup full (3)  reading my newspaper.  Its the buzz I get, the energy the state of soothes the savage beast. 

Sperious Sperious
31-35, F
Feb 25, 2010