Mumm-mumm Needs Coffee First, Then She Can Utilize Her Brain....

When my little brother was still in diapers, he told a missionary who was staying with us temporarily not to "talk to Daddy before the morning noise." The morning noise was the percolating of our coffee pot- the poor man, like so many others, couldn't even talk to anyone before his daily dose of caffeine.  Now that I'm a mama, I understand his plight.  Not only can I not be remotely civil without at least an intial 6 ounces of caffeinated luvin, I can't even coerce my brain to do simple math without a morning fix.  Coffee is fiendish; it helps us function, and who doesn't want to be able to function?!  You want something done?  Wait until after the morning noise.

sowwhat sowwhat
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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I am violently allergic to caffiene, I still love coffee, and appreciate the caffiene free kind, because it is not bitter. I'm all for the taste and warmth, so let's have a cup!