I Love My Coffee....

:P it has to be one of the best morning drinks ever...so much you can do with it. I love blending my Italian coffee with other flavors, or adding that special Baileys or Carolines to it, the yummy different liquers you do to make your day that muchmore better!!

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4 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Sassy I'm in an extremely rural corner of western corner of South Carolina. If you've ever seen the play, Prince of Dark Corners, you'd know more about it. Nearest Starbucks is ten miles away and frankly, I've never been inside of it. Here even bakery stores struggle to survive and stores that sell exotic flavored coffees do not exist. However, I am aware there are coffee beans that have been flavored and packaged. Worse, I know too much about various expensive after dinner liquors, one of which is called Grand Mariner. It's commonly used to flavor various mixed drinks, dishes as well as coffee. It's often drunk with coffee or mixed with coffee. Therefore, I said "imagine my confusion...." I was mislead.

Imagine my confusion, Sassy, when you mention an orange flavored liquor (Grand Marnier) and add the phrase 'NO ALCOHOLIC coffee . . . no booze." I think what you and artsy really mean is you use flavored powdered cream mixes in your coffee. By the way the phrase "non-dairy" makes my eyebrows arch. With a "non-dairy" label it could be made out of a '57 Chevy. Why there's nary a dairy in a '57 Chevy!

I often wonder how many people have had their coffee beans imported from the island of Java. Sometimes to sound snobbish, I claim my coffee beans are picked by dusky maidens on the leeward side of the island of Kona. If they buy it, I serve them Maxwell House which blends the brutal beans of Kenya with their product at random intervals.

Irish coffee has all the four food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat.