Just Got A New Coffee Maker.

Well, make that 2 new coffee makers.  I had been using an older Hamilton Beach, Brewmstation, Model 47214, that made 12 cups, but developed the horrible Leak.  So, one day I was walking through Target and saw a new mode, the 48463, that did the same as the previous model but with a few added features.  I got it home, cleaned it, brewed 12 cups of fresh coffee, placed my cup to the dispensing button and out came hot fresh coffee all down the side of the cup, onto the counter and the floor.  I cleaned up, tried a different cup with better results.  The wife came home, I warned her about the potential for disaster, she had no problems.  Next morning, I again, create a mess.  Try a different cup, more mess, a 3rd cup, more mess.  You really have to squat down and be diligent in how you place the cup for pouring.  Enough is enough.  I emailed HB complaining about the product and they agree to send me a replacement of my chosing.  I chose the 47454, which arrived about 10 days later (free minus $10 shipping, which is a good deal since the model it replaced was $25 cheaper).  So far I love it.  Makes good coffee, and no mess thus far.

Javan Javan
41-45, M
Mar 15, 2010