A String Of Coincidences In One Day?

Okay, first I think I will start of with my own experience. First , I will give just a little background so you can understand what happened. Well, today(Friday), I got up late in the morning. I was supposed to get up at 6:00 sharp. Instead I got up at 6:40. It was a regular school day. Anyway, I got ready by 7:20 along with my sister but my brother took forever in the washroom. So it was 7:50 when he got out. Obviously, we were late. Our sister's school was at 7:55 and it was 15 minutes away from our house while ours was just five minutes away.
So we left the house with little chance of getting to school and my sister's chance of getting on time was slim to none. While we were in the car, I said that it would be funny if my sister got to school and us to brothers did not. Like what are the chances of that anyway? I think you already guessed what happened. We missed our school as the gates were closed. On the other hand my sister got to school at 8:00 and made it there. Wow! How did that just happen? That was all I could think of. Then there was the other event that my friends experienced. They obviously made it to school considering that this coincidence is based on their experience(still Friday).
They were given an assignment in English Language class in which they had to write a story based on four given topics. They both chose the same topic. That's still a coincidence even if most of the class chose that topic as well. They sat away from each other. The topic was "A parcel left in a taxi". So they finished the story in the same period(500 word long) which could be another coincidence. Then, they got their copies checked. Our teacher told both of them that they had copied the stories from one another!
Here is what she checked. Story was finished in the same time, same topic was chosen, same beginning to the story, same object in the taxi and even the same ending. What actually happened? Coincidentally, they both finished at the same time. They both came across the same book from which they memorized the same beginning. The object they both chose to be left in the taxi was a diamond necklace. Though the body paragraphs were different, the ending was again the same. Wow! Now those are big coincidences right? Biggest coincidence, you ask? All these small coincidences happened to us on the same day.
talhaak talhaak
18-21, M
Jan 11, 2013