The Most Intense Yet Comforting Nights

      I love those nights when the cold wind is howling and the storms are lighting up the sky.  As long as I have that special someone with me, wrapped up in his embrace, it is the perfect time to make love or just hold on to each other for comfort.  That is the most secure and loving feeling to me!  The outside world where it is cold and violent yet you are safe and snug inside a warm house with your lover and you are cuddled up together just talking or reading or whatever!!!

Auria Auria
36-40, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

That sounds SO romantic . I enjoy that as well . I invite you to read of my experiences with the wind at the EP site , I used to think the wind could blow me away . Please feel free to comment or post a story of your own there . Thank you again for those romantic thoughts .<br />
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