I'm Sad

It's April 3. On April 1 there was a mini snowstorm here. The farewell storm. The heat is coming and I am sad. I dread the hot sun.It's about the only time I am cranky. I am so happy when I can see my breath. I wait eagerly for that moment that tells me Autuum is on her way. When the air clears and becomes breathable. The first sign of the leaves turning makes me relax. I think to myself, 'whew, it's over!' I always place my bed so that my head is right at the window and it stays open all winter. I am covered up to the neck but I can see my breath. I know there are people out there who adore humidity. I think for some it is sensual, sultry and all of that. I sometimes envy that because if I felt that way about heat and humidity the world would open up to me. I want to live out West. I want to experience other parts of the country but I know I'll be miserable. I lived in Georgia for a few years because of that damn Love thing. Sometimes I think I sabotaged the relationship so I could get back to New England. It was horrible for me. Winter is gone and I am sad.
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I am a winter person too. I get happy when my neighbor cuts down his corn and the days grow short. We vacation once a year, we go to Salem MA. in the fall. The first year we went in 2011 there was an early snowstorm on October 27, I loved it. It's been cold and icy here this year, I am blissful, will hate to see the last blast. Being a nature worshipper, I have to celebrate all seasons, they are necessary, but, clean white lonely winter is my favorite.

"and the days grow short" "clean, white, lonely winter" Beautifully said hillbilly!! Exactly! Thank you for responding...and for 'getting it'

I hear you. Even though I've never lived in a place with snow, the passing of cool weather--maybe the last really crisp day or vigorous rainstorm--makes me sad, because I know that there are months of hot, dry monotony ahead!

I completely agree with you, I can't wait for winter and grieve her when she leaves. The first few snowflakes of the winter is like a long lost friend coming back, and being able to breathe crisp clean air is wonderful.

I don't go North of Georgia unless it's June, July, or August. You might catch me in the smokey mountains in Septembe or October, just to catch the colors of fall. I was born in Michigan and saw plenty of snow. I always thought maybe I was adopted. Come to think of it-my other three sisters all live where it snows. My sister loves the snow. She walks religiously everyday in the stuff and has even been known to ride her bike. <br />
I'm afraid,( well actually any time I can make someone laugh I'm happy) that I am one of those sugarfooties laughing at. When I stay with my daughter, (Boca Florida) her boyfriend comes home everyday asking how us girls enjoyed the day at the spa because we evidently have the house so warm. <br />
I do love both the states you two are from. That's the great thing about the United State, you can have it all.

I live in Florida now, after spending half my life in New York and the other half in Massachusetts, the last several years of that living in Salem. I miss going to Winter Island in the winter and sitting in the car by the water with a cup of hot coffee (or hot chocolate, even better) and a pastry. Sometimes even out on Marblehed neck with something warm to drink, and my sweet one by my side. The winter before we left was the winter with the surprise 48" snowstorm, and both of us being in our 50s and 60s, it killed us to shovel it. But I'd still be there except that my mother left me a house that's completely paid for in central Florida, a house where I spent most of my school vacations, in a historic district that I'm very familiar with. It cracks me up to see people walking around the streets here wearing heavy jackets and hats and gloves when it's 58 degrees--more bundled up than I was when it was 28 degrees in Massachusetts. Enjoy it for me--I miss it like crazy!!

It's strange. For as much as I hate the Scottish winters and long for the sun and the longer days, as soon as they arrive, I find myself missing the winter too.