Why I Love Cold Weather And Wintertime.

Woolly jumpers.
Crisp morning air.
Feeling both freezing and boiling after a run in the cold.
Hot chocolate.
Getting to wear winter thermals and my polar bear skiing socks.
Descending into the mist on a winter's morning.
Sitting in front of the fire in my rocking chair.
The excuse to sit inside and read books all day.
Feeling so brave when I walking on the road to school because it's so cold that the pavement is like an ice rink.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I also love the Fall and Winter, my favorite seasons of the year. Slipping into a woolen jumper or two, jeans, boots, and woolen gloves. Nothing better than walking in the woods in the evening and watching the snow fall and accumulate. If only it were cold all year long!