I've been living in the tropical and sub-tropical zones all my life. I never felt like the weather was even remotely comfortable. I was always getting into thermostat battles with family and coworkers and eventually settled for lukewarm (75 F) temperatures a fan (or three!).

It wasn't until a fateful winter visit to northern Scotland that I realized what was wrong. I just LOVE the cold. The first day I was dressed in 5 layers (as I was advised to do) but as the day wore on I settled on a simple long-sleeve shirt and jacket to face the 30 F temperatures. I was so happy. My friends kept warning me that I would be very sick and to put on a heavy jacket, but as the week wore on I never felt more at home (temperature wise at least). Even on a windy and very cold night that had everyone shivering I felt comfortable with only the addition of a hat and scarf.

Saddest (and most uncomfortable) moment was arriving back on the ridiculously hot and punishingly humid Miami airport.
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Trade your tropical temps & I will give you our coldest day last winter .... -56 degrees Celsius !!!!!

Haha, I would love to experience something like that. Perhaps I'm naive since I haven't lived a full winter in colder climates. However, I get the feeling that I would enjoy it. This winter I'm heading to Vermont for 3 weeks, so I'll see bit more.

Enjoy catching snowflakes on your tongue , building quincies , skating etc.... I think you were a polar bear in your past life .