I <3 Coldplay

my friend and i got tickets to the vancouver concert in april and we were extatic when we found out. unfortunatly we were in seats way up near the top and diddnt have the best view. this was actually ok since we were going to the concert and thats what counted. about a week before the concert my friend and i went out and bought black t-shirts and glow in the dark paint. we then found two paris of our old jeans. we used glow in the dark paint to write out the songs of five of thier albums and all the songs on the back of the t-shirts. on the front we wrote COLDPLAY LIVE APRIL 2012, and underneath we wrote WE'LL BE GLOWING IN THE DARK, since we used glow in the dark paint. on our jeans we painted i love colplay down the legs. we tested our outfits in the dark and sure enough they glowed perfectly. on the night of the concert we were walking to our seats when we saw a man with a coldplay pass hanging around his neck, and he was motioning for us to come over. so we went to see what he wanted. he said he was noticing our outfits and asked if we were deticated "super fans" which, duh of course we were. he then continued to tell us that coldplay deticates the first three rows on the floor to thier "super fans" and if we wanted to sit there all we had to do was give him our current tickets. of course we were all over that. so he led us down to the floor and sat us in row three floor seats and we handed over our tickets. i swear that was probably the best night of my life and i will never forget it. i mean cmon, who could forget the night that chris martin was right infront of your face?
clickkat12 clickkat12
May 21, 2012