My Collar

I am proud to wear the collar of Mistress Sandie.

If someone had told me a year ago i would willingly wear a leather collar locked around my neck to show the world that i was the slave of a Mistress i would tole them to go **** themselves.

I love my collar.
I love being the slave of Mistress Sandie.
I love being babyslave.
kimcarr kimcarr
26-30, F
4 Responses Aug 3, 2010

KNUCKEKHEAD, you are living up to your name, we are discussing collars here not latex/rubbe/plastic fetishwear.

Hey there.Have you ever tried using a sauna suit? The feeling is just awesome!!!

Thank you Master GILEY.<br />
<br />
I wear a collar 24/7 and am proud to be the slave of Mistress Sandie.<br />
I may well be punished for having pride as i am only a slave but my pride is a sign of my devotion to my Mistress and any punishment will be worth it.

Baby, Wear your new collar proudly !! It does tell the world, that you are indeed owned by someone who dominates, ownes and cares about you....<br />