My Dream Room

i want to have a library in my house. i have been collecting books since i was in high school!! I want to have a room in my house filled with books floor to ceiling wall to wall with one wall with huge bay windows for natural light to come in. (it is the best to read by) i want to have to two over sized chairs and a fainting couch in it so i can spend days reading.
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6 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Me too. And it's gonna have a lot of comfy chairs with a fireplace. :)

its my dream to have a huge library in my home one day

there is nothing more relaxing than spending the day cuddled up with a book. Yes, I can understand your desire to have your own library, I used to have one too, and for the last four years, I have been donating my books to senior homes and big brothers/big sisters. I really enjoy going to the library now, and am moving towards a minimalist decor, the less I have the better I if you have a lot of books there are ways of decorating with books, and I have the book title for you....Living with Books by Alan Powers, this is the book lover's guide to storing, displaying and caring for books...I just love it. If you do start building a library, have you considered what books to keep and collect? I've held on to my decorating books, books about films, some travel and a lot of history, arts and crafts and some biographies...I love my Harry Potters...

what are your favorites?

I once had a pretty good collection. It was great fun building it

Great idea. I wish you luck.

thank you

Sounds nice. I have a library in my closet with books I collect and pile up everywhere. I am a relentless book hoarder. I read a great quote earlier today that said "a house without a library is a house without a soul."


i think that is my new favorite quote thank you

Your Welcome!