Searching Booksellers

I love to read. I will read just about any thing I can get my hands on. I like biographies, history and poems. I took several English Literature courses in college. I have collected books from different cities I have visited. Some of my books are over one hundred years old. I like searching Booksellers for what surprises I may find. I could spend all day in a bookstore and never get tired of the adventure.

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Likewise. Organized estate sales have some of the best book finds.

Me too, I just love books and book stores,<br />
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I could live in a library and never get bored

I hear you both, I love an old, beloved book, so much character they can sometimes give off energy, I'd love to collect uncle arthur's bedtime stories, I had a couple when I was little. I'm gathering anne tyler books now. I'm far from rich so i check e-bay or goodwill. don't you think a new book is pretty? I rarely rarely buy one but I love a good hardback, to touch and look at, ok I am strange. Lit's my favorite too i love steinbeck especially he is the best, in my opinion. I'll be done with homesick restaurant tonight so if you know of any great ones that'd be great.

Isn't bookstores pure bliss? I love going to shops that have old books and just touch them and imagine who the people are that have read them. Such a thrill! You really have books over a hundred years old? Lucky you...My oldest one is only dated 1920.