I Love Books

When I was little, I was never really allowed to do anything because of my strict mother. Once in awhile though I was allowed to go to the library with my grandmother. She was a cleaning lady for the public library and was there at least once a week. She would always let me help her out with the stuff I was allowed to do such as dusting and sweeping. After that though she would tell me to sit in the children's section and read something. I hated the children's section. The books were boring as heck. I would sneak around to the adult section and pick a book either usually by color. I loved reading those books and I always wanted to take them home with me. They allowed me an escape from the world I was never meant to be in.

Sometimes the library would throw out books that nobody checked out anymore and my grandma would always bring them to me. Most of the time though my mother would throw them away saying they took up too much room or they were against her religion. Now I can collect all of the books I want. I have books everywhere... I even collect my college books, and other peoples college books that they can't sell back.

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My first book i ever bought was a children series book called "Biscuit" when i was 4.

I agree with you, books are portals to any ware you want to go. Thank you for your post.

I like to read everything, I continually empty my brain to take in more info. lol

I know what you mean, what do you usually like reading. I have a slew of books about forensics, criminal profiling, and books like Freakonomics, Guns Germs and Steel, Weapons of Influence, I like Non fiction as you can see.