War Damn Eagle !

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5 Responses Jan 18, 2011

LSU? Great looking drill team, majorettes, or whatever they are. I've always wanted to go to an LSU game, against anyone, in Baton Rouge.

They did so well with the division names that I hope the Big Ten leaves the logo alone. It will be interesting to see Muschamp and Weis in Gainesville. Our schedule is tougher next year, including BC and, of course, Nebraska in Lincoln. We need to re-learn how to play defense or 2011 will be a world of hurt.<br />
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When I was much younger, I hung out in Gainesville some b/c I had family in Keystone Heights, FL, about 20 miles away. I'd like to go back.

A better game, in a better location, than the Cheap Ticket Bowl, or whatever it was we lost this year. Apart from the Outback Bowl, I don't have much reaction pro or con to Auburn. As KM knows, I have an SEC alma mater also. The only people who really offend me are Tennesse fans (and Kentucky basketball fans). I loved that UNC beat them in the Nashville bowl game.<br />
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I've gone to hundres of college games. There are only two places where I have been threatened: Knoxville, TN and Columbus, OH. Both times, my team had lost.

Sorry. I'm still ticked by last year's Outback Bowl.