Going To The First Game Tonight!

Yes, at the insistence of my son, the senior in high school, I broke down and bought two tickets to the first game of the season, University of Texas vs Rice University.  Usually a total blow out, but they are my Longhorns, and I used to go to every Texas vs Arkansas game, then when Arkansas moved to the SEC, it was every Texas vs Rice game.  Actually really enjoy watching the bands at halftime, my son plays in the local HS band, so he likes to watch them march too.  HOOK 'EM HORNS!!!
Sat night at 7PM, I'll be the one wearing orange int he stands if you look for me!
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I went to my first college game EVER this season. We went to the A&M v. Arkansas game at Jerryworld. I was amazed! We had nosebleed tickets and still had an incredibly unobstructed view of the field. Of course, after climbing all of those stairs, I was cursing Jerry Jones' conception and birth.) We are planning to see the Aggies play in whichever bowl that they should be grateful to get. (Projections are saying they'll get the Texas Bowl in Houston.) Anyway, the Arkansas fans were really, really nice, and although our team gave the game away in the second half (kind of an Aggie trademark at this point), we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and plan to do it again. <br />
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Oh, and I used to be a band nerd, and I believe the Aggie Band is the best ever. I've never seen such precision in marching. It's amazing.

hey so far texas teams are 2 and 0 this season even though they have played instate rivals so it really dont count but im excited AND dont forget texas a&m and smu tommorow night

It was good to see Texas play again, Darryl K Royal stadium is awesome when crowded with people! But... It looked like Texas was just carrying on from where they were at the end of last season, so it was disheartening! Running game was good to fair, quarterback sucked - he stared down every receiver that he intended to throw to and never looked at anyone else, the defense let Rice run all over them, and special teams weren't very special... One can only hope that mack brown looks at the films and sees what we saw in the stands.

How bad was it? By the third quarter, the fans were booing the quarterback who kept throwing the balls into the dirt... And there was no change of quarterback at all. Left disgusted with it all with 10 min left in the 4th quarter.

Absolutely! The beginning of football season is the only thing that makes it possible to endure August! Enjoy the OU game. We'll talk smack later, in October....