I'm Finally Able To Drink Our Tap Water

Ever since we moved a few months ago, I've noticed that the water from our faucet tastes horrible. I was never too picky about water. Growing up, I'd always drink right from the tap. This water had a very strong mineral and chlorine taste though. It was pretty gross. I drink a lot of water. I try to stay healthy and avoid sugary drinks like juice and soda. I considered buying bottled water, but it is pretty expensive. It also produces a lot of waste. A friend suggested I look into a reverse osmosis water filter. I went online and found a website that sells them. I ordered one and installed it when it came in. I noticed a difference right away. Now, our water coming from the tap tastes fresh and pure. I'm easily able to drink my water quota every day. I'm glad I was able to find a way to stay healthy that didn't cost too much money.
thephantom225 thephantom225
70+, M
Jan 31, 2012