Nuff said.

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Roll Tide - Oh crap. Now we'll never be friends. :-)


Congratulations. The Sooners won a tough one.

Since you guys are facing WV I have to say one thing. Crush WV.

You have not been there. The time to get on the bandwagon is now.

Nah, I'm good.
I love my boys.

You guys have a major problem (and a team I hate) called Texas.

I hate Texas too, with a passion.
Good thing we stomp their ***** then, I reckon. (;

Good luck. Texas has your conference fixed.

I think we'll be fine.
We've won the past few years, &amp; I don't think this year is going to be any different.

That is why I like being part of a small school in the Big Ten. We are a fair conference, even Nebraska got nothing to join. Texas runs your conference. Do you trust the UT Conference to be fair?

Yep. I do.

I hope that you don't bet on college football.

I'll bet on the Sooners any day of the week.
We had a good season last year, &amp; I think it'll be good this year too.
You can't win all the time, but they could never win another game and I'd still root for them.

Glad I'm a fan of my school rather than yours.

Yeah, me too.

I'll take the Big Ten over your people any time. Even with Nebraska.

Well that's good for you. Hope your team does well.
But I love OU, and they've always made me proud.
I'm not saying you should like my team, I was just saying I like OU better than any others. (:

We will see.

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Northwestern Wildcats!

Everyone has their downfall, i guess.
haha, kidding.