College Football Is The Best Sport Alive

there is no question about it, college football is the best sport alive. what sport could come up w/ so many great games last year, texas tech improbably somehow beating oklahoma but then going winless, michigan state beating wisconsion with a touchdown on the last play, iowa state beating oklahoma state when the game was expected to be a blowout, baylor upsetting oklahoma cus griffins a monster, usc going up to oregon and winning. all that and more is what made college football great last year. this year, its gonna be even better. the theory that 8 big 12 teams could win that confernce, that texas tech could throw for 500 yrds/game yet still be 3rd in the big 12 in passing, or maybe even lower. that georgia could get every break in the world yet not get to the sec title game, that utah and washington could spoil the pac 12, that clemson could avg 40 pts/gm in a flash, that tennessee could lead the nation in passing yet not go bowling, that purdue could go to the big 10 title game. everything there is what will make this year in college football such an amazing one
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I wonder what team I'm a fan of with my username

lol. I seen that. It's my "hoorah" for being a college football fan. I am a die hard auburn fan, but not so much so that I don't like other teams as well. Olemiss really upset me last night. After alabama vs ole miss I was a hundred percent sure ole miss was going all the way.

It has been a rough season for my rebels. and I know I speak for alot of Ole Miss fans, Auburn is my 2nd favorite sec team. The Hugh Freeze Gus Malzhan connection really unites the fan bases

*a rough last month of the season

I could not be happier with the decision auburn went with Gus. His record speaks for its self. But we have to have one of the worst defenses in the league right now. Rumors have it the Muschamp is going to be the new DC next year. Not quite sure how I feel about that seeing as, I REALLY HATE TO ADMIT IT, but the Gators is a good team, and that really hurts to say, but he's done nothing as head coach. Maybe he just wasnt meant to be a HC. All I know is if Aub does get Muschamp, maybe he'll have enough knowledge to stop packing our D with speed and put some strength on the line. As for Ole Miss. I'm definitely going to watch some games next year, They've proven they could get things done (In all honesty, who doesn't get nervous when playing Alabama) so with the leaving seniors I'm going to love watching the follow up. I use to consider a great season on a number of variables but look at FSU two years in a row all though the majority of their schedule includes local high school teams. Maybe they've stepped up as well. But the mystery I never quite wrapped my head around is what the hell happened to the Longhorns. For years they were one of the most feared teams in the NCAA, but now....well Texas AnM is that states head turner.

Ellis Johnson is simply a bad defensive coach. And muschamp is an amazing d coordinator, he would get yall up to speed in no time. And Hugh Freeze has us headed for a golden age of rebels football to me. Hes an elite coach and one of the best recruiters in the sport. And hahah I hate FSU so much, cant stand those punks. And I agree. Texas might never be the same. A&M runs that state, Baylor and TCU are elite every year, and Texas Tech is good enough to challenge for a national title on occasion

Oh man what was it, five years ago when Texas Tech ran over everybody. Their QB at the time (Can't remember his name) was relentless. Baylor keeps pushing the envelope, but I won't lie and say I don't also get excited to watch Ohio State. There are so many good teams that gets over looked because of the hype on the top five or that seasons most num 1 contender. TCU for instants. A great team, but never really talked about. I feel Oregon deserves more than what they get as well, but when you have NIKE in your back pocket you can't really get more hype than that. The thing that gets me is yeah I understand the difficulties in scheduling go a long way in ratings but when you can have FSU ranked so high with a little no good trash punk like Winston as your QB why the hell is Marshall failing to get any recognition at all this year. I believe they were only placed in the 25 to silent fans but beyond that they were probably looking for all sorts of reasons to keep them unranked. And to watch what has happened to Penn after the Sandusky mess is just pittiful. The team I'm really going to look out for next year though will probably be Mizzou. I feel like they have proven their selves as a valuable asset to the SEC and they made the sec championship last year (and lost with great pleasure lol) I just feel they have a well-rounded team and expect great things. I also may tune in next year to see how Dak does in the NFL. Great player at the college level, but I feel he's going to be more like his hero Tebow than he knows. I just don't think he'll cut it in the NFL. Cam Newton is a freakshow in that he can still scramble as a QB in the pro level, especially seeing as RG3 just can't seem to get anything done. I hate Vick and honestly not to keen on Newton (he just has that Jamis Winston attitude) but being a scrambling QB in the NFL is nearing it's end, but the players on the college field today are the stars of tomorrow and it seems that every great college quarter back can scramble so who knows, maybe it'll make a full circle again.

As for Ellis Johnson, I think Rhett Lashlee is right behind him. I hate seeing people out of a job, but maybe they'll both do better in a different division.

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