The Humor Of Being A Freshman But Being Good!

I graduated high school and I spent the summer training to get ready for my first year of college football. I was recruited to go to a pretty good school to be there place kicker, but they wouldn't give me a scholarship because they had a senior kicker who they already have given one. So I was determined to come into camp at my best and take the job away from him. I arrived to campus in the best shape of my life. Started school and went to my first practice, did all the normal stuff running, who ra stuff they do at 2 a days. I just wanted to kick some damn balls to show them what I got. Later in practice I was at one end of the field and the senior was at the other end. I was getting warmed up and the senior comes by and asked my my name, I told him J.P. I asked him whats yours he says Darcy. We start kicking together, now I'm kicking the **** out of the ball, farther, higher than his, I knew he was worried. The coach comes over and says lets move it back, so we go to forty yards, bam 4 in a row with plenty of distance, Coach say again let move it back some more, so to fifty yards we go, bam 5 more in a row and still more room to go. Coach says one more time lets move it back. Ok move it back to sixty yards. bam 2 in a row and coach walks away. I was like wow not a comment. I knew I had impressed him. The senior says to me hey P.J. lets see what you do in game pressure this is only practice. I turn to him and I say Marcy I think you just lost your job. A few days later I'm kicking with one of the other freshman and this big *** lineman comes running up to me and yells out his name is Darcy not Marcy.....I started to laugh and said either way its a girls name. Needless to say I didn't win any friends in the senior class. So the first game is approaching and the Senior is the starting kicker, which I understood, he has to fail in a game for me to get my chance. The first 2 quarters he missed 2 extra points and a chip shot field goal, The crowd was booing his name...At half time, the coach says to me I'm in for now on all kicks...I was geared up. The game was a close game and I had't had a chance yet. The score was tied with about 3 minutes to go and we stalled on there 25 yard line. Coach calls me out and say let go get em kid. Its a 42 yard attempt to give us the lead, there was a stiff breeze blowing left to right. I set, snap, back, kick up, and........Good I nailed it the crowd was cheering man I was in heaven! we ended up winning the game and lets just say Mr Darcy never saw the field again.....and those seniors who didn't respect me. Well they did now....
cellamaxx cellamaxx
36-40, M
Sep 25, 2012