Cut Brent Musburger Some Slack

How lovely is Katherine Webb! I just watched her interview with Matt Lauer and I do believe she is just as beautiful inside as she on the outside. The rest of the world is trying find fault with Brent Musburger and paint his comments as creepy and over the top. What is wrong with a good old fashioned compliment and appreciation of a good looking person? Of course, he made several comments but it's not often that cameras flash to someone this gorgeous in the middle of a football stadium (dressed appropriately and NOT shaking around her lovely lady lumps).

Her looks come at a price. It takes discipline and work to look that good. It's nice to see someone like Miss Alabama have some fun. She is out supporting her man and sat dutifully with his mom. She had a confused concerned look on her face, paying attention to the game, oblivious of the camera man and the comments by her new adoring fan of Brent Musburger. Kirk Herbsteit was with him in the booth. (I've made a few inappropriate comments about Kirk as I drank beer and watched a college game or two). She payed attention to the game. She sat up straight and you won't catch her on camera picking her nose. You have to give it up a little to the girl. 

What I'm most impressed with was, as Matt Lauer was cataloging her sudden popularity, she humbly deflected it and recognized the team and their accomplishments that evening. They did win the national championship after all. (3 national titles in 4 seasons)

We all like attractive people. We all like to be acknowledged for our looks. It shouldn't be skin deep but i'd be lying if I said that appearance doesn't matter. It shouldn't matter but it does. Being on TV is special and while there is something fun about messy people on reality shows, it's nice to see good looking people there too. I was relieved as Katherine gave her response that Brent Musburger is being judged unfairly. Lets cut him some slack. 
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i honestly dont see what he said to be wrong. now if he had said something like why cant i take her to bed or something along those lines then yea id see where it was wrong. people blow **** up like its wrong to look at a woman on tv and say shes beautiful. would it have made that much of a big deal if the camera had been on a guy and he said my thats a fine look man?? no i dont think so.

She is pretty cute I will have to agree.

Please help my confused, little mind... Why do Katherine Webb (I just went and looked her up online) and you look so much alike? I'm going to send you an e-mail of the link I used.

have we cleared this up finally. i am not Katherine Webb. hehehe

Yes, this is cleared up, but NOW who's face am I looking at? (: If it's someone on the famous side of life, I don't recognize her.

Brent is rather old. Perhaps that earns him some indulgence.

And I say that mindful that Mr. Musburger is a fellow alumnus of the Nation's best university.

I wonder what Mrs. Musburger thinks? hehe

I totally agree!

Very well put. I was shocked when ESPN felt it necessary to issue an apology!