Mock Playoff

Dispute living in the UK I do follow college football they usually show it on ESPN in the UK.

I do find the finals slightly confusing that you have computer models residing who plays for the BCS National Championship.

I last year did a mock play off where I took the top 25 Then number 1 plays number 25 in the first round and all the rest fit in the subsequent order and you should have seen some of the match ups that through up, you would have loved it. 5 weeks of play offs and you get to the final.

Here are some of the match ups you would have seen in 2011:

LSU v Auburn
Alabama v Texas
Oklahoma State v West Virginia
Stanford v Penn State
Oregon v Southern Miss
Arkansas v Nebraska
Boise State v Houston
Kansas State v TCU

I know it has its problems but it is an example of what is possible. I know they are changing it to a +4 system so that will be intresting

I think it needs to get away from Bowl CEO's and all this choosing of teams that don't reflect true achievement and is about making a game that gets the most viewers etc. Last years Sugar Bowl an example.
Iain321 Iain321
31-35, M
Jan 23, 2013