Week 1 Overview

So lets cut the crap and start with my personal analysis of the AP top 10.

1. USC - Played a down Virginia in a very one sided game. Mark Sanchez looked good and the USC defense looks great.

2. Georgia - Didnt really watch the game. Didnt hear anything good or bad.

3. Ohio State  - Beat up a weak Youngstown State. Chris Wells says his foot hurts. This could be bad news for the Buckeyes.

4. Oklahoma - Kicked the crap out of Chattanooga. Didnt even know there was a football team in Chattanooga.

5. Florida - Hammered a Hawaii team that everyone knows is weak.

6. Missourri - Chase looks good. Missourri back 7 look BAD.

7. LSU - Beat up Appalachian State. LSU is not Michigan. No chance for upset here

8. West Virginia - Pat White looks great. But we'll see how they do without head coach Rich Rodriguez.

9. Auburn - No clue.

10. Texas - Flying under the radar. Very balanced attack against a helpless FAU. Back 4 are the weakest point.

All in all... A GREAT first week. Lets see what next week brings :)


Silver01ta Silver01ta
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2 Responses Sep 3, 2008

A USC vs Georgria will be good. <br />
<br />
The big game is USC vs OSU in two weeks. Once that is played, I dont think people will want to see a rematch for the National Championship. Besides Im tired of seeing the SEC beat up the Big 10.

Sanchez blew me away. Even if it might have been considered an easier game for the Trojans, he looks fantastic coming off that knee injury. USC looks to be the team to beat IMO.