Week 7 Preview!

Games to Watch.

Thursday Night

Clemson vs. Wake Forest. 

While Clemson started out ranked above Texas at the begining of the season, they got man-handled at home on their season opener by a now ranked Alabama team. Its Clemson that bad or is Alabama that good? Id like to say it is a little of both. I had high hopes for Clemson this year. CJ Spiller and James Davis were my prediction for a great one two punch. I guess they've never faced a worthy defense because didnt do much. The ACC is just to weak to compete with the other conferences. Wake is ranked but as we have seen on Thursday night, being ranked means squat. Look for Clemson to establish a solid running attack early and then open it up with the pass. I think Clemson can run on Wake Forest and once the defense gets run-happy Clemson can go for the throat through the air.

Clemson wins 31 - 24.

Friday Night

Louisville vs. Memphis

Remember two years ago when Louisville crept up the BCS rankings because they were undefeated but played no one? Where are they now? No where. I have no clue about either of these teams. None of them have made any national noise. This isnt basketball so its a bit harder to analyze. My vote? Take Louisville because of the name. I dont know if this will be entertaining at all.


Texas vs. Oklahoma (Oklahoma vs. Texas for your Sooner fans)

This game has National Championship Contender written ALL OVER IT. Oklahoma has the advantage here in several ways. Oklahoma has a HUGE offensive line and a great front seven. They havent really been tested nor has Texas but I forsee Oklahoma pulling out of this one. Oklahoma either wins big or loses by a little. If its a close game, I give the advantage to Texas because of their depth at all positions. Another advantage is that Oklahoma has a "weaker" schedule than Texas. Should Texas win, Texas has to face Missourri then Oklahoma State then Texas Tech. Its nearly impossible for Texas to beat all four teams. They could possibly lose the next three of four games. This is where Texas we will find out if Texas is National Title Contender or Pretender.

Im fighting my heart in this one and am taking Oklahoma by 7.

Oklahoma 28-21.

 Georgia vs. Tennessee

No brainer here. Take Georgia. Tennesse has no chance.

Purdue vs. Ohio State

Buckeyes and Pryor will handle their business.

Arizona State vs. USC

The Trojans are still one of the best teams in the nation. Dont count them out. They might just sneak their way back into the national championship spot.

LSU vs. Florida

Classic SEC smashmouth matchup. Do you take Les Miles or Urban Myer? LSU is good but they arent explosive like they were last year. The same can be said about Florida. LSU has that defense though so I would stick with LSU.



Silver01ta Silver01ta
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3 Responses Oct 7, 2008

This could be a preview for the national title. The winners of the texas-ou game and the florida-lsu game could be facing each other in the title game!

Yep. If you watch two games this weekend. Watch the Texas/Oklahoma game and the LSU/Florida game.

I havent been following Memphis or Louisville. Good stats though.