College Girls Don't Want Me. :(

Well my experience in College, has not been pleasant at all. Ever since I got both of my ear pierced, no girl have approached me, why oh why. Then they sit in other rows behind me, is it my nasty body. I have seen girls drive off as I walk past their car, and lock their door. My dad check out some beautiful girls when he went to the mall in the suburbs. It was this black girl walking with no stockings and no socks, wearing flats, She was light skinned, with a short dress skirt. I have never seen my dad look like that, as he dropped my sister off. She was young and she was crossing the street to go into the mall. But I haven't had any experience whatsoever, and it is very cold where I live. I can't keep going to the mall by myself, I would really look lonely, there is nothing worse than going to the mall fat and lonely. I am not a chick magnet anymore, and I want to know why. Why were my powers ********? Did I stop drinking a certain type of juice. Now girls are running from me. What is going on? Is 24 the age limit with God or something?

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Feb 21, 2010